Complete Care for your family and complete peace of mind for you, anytime, anywhere

What is UberHealth?

Uberhealth enables people who are busy/living away from family to manage all aspects of family healthcare –

  • Scheduling appointments
  • online consultation
  • Transportation
  • Billing
  • Healthcare monitoring
  • Second opinion
  • Maintaining health records
  • At Door Services
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Service Providers

We have partnered with the Best in Class to provide the care your loved ones deserve.

U Care

The ability to monitor the overall health of every member of your family could prove life saving at times!!!

We at Uberhealth have a unique package to address this concern of yours wherein, our lab partners send a professional, who takes the blood sample of your family member from your choice of location. 84 tests are then performed on this blood sample to provide you with an exhaustive report and that too, at your doorstep. This report shall also be updated online on our portal for your easy reference.

Based upon the tests, a detailed consultation from a doctor shall be obtained by us. You will be provided with the reviews in text and a video recording of the same shall be uploaded on your Uberhealth dashboard. If required, we may also send you the CD of the same by courier.

List of tests include:
Lipid Profile, Complete Heamogram and many more...see complete list of tests

Available in 800+ cities of India

Price: $50 (prices may vary according to the city)

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Doctor on call

During the later part of life, a small ailment might be blocking your loved one’s way to a fulfilled life.

We at UberHealth dedicate ourselves to remove all such obstacles.

Now you may just book an appointment and within 24-48 hours, your loved ones will be taken to a doctor, all set to address even the smallest of their pains!

Price: $30 per visit. (charges may vary according to the city.)

Services provided by UberHealth include:

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Pick and drop your parents
  • Share reports with doctor
  • Billing and Processes
  • Lab tests
  • Collect samples from home
  • Tests at hospital
  • Buying medications
  • Second opinion
  • Constant presence during all doctor visits

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1 Year Preventive Care

When your loved ones are beyond your sight, we help you ensure any small problem does not become a big one.

With our one year preventive care, we try to cover for your absence by the following steps:

Step 1: Our Lab partner collects blood sample from your parents home and conducts 83 tests (see list of tests) to cover all vital parameters.
After the tests, we take your parents to a doctor who gives consultation based on all reports and creates a plan for next 1 year.
Price: $130 ($60 for a limited time)

Step 2: Uberhealth provides regular doctor visits and lab tests as per the recommended plan for next 1 Year.
Price: $200-$500 for a year (billed monthly/quarterly)

Not only does this save them from impending health hazards but also provides regular care.

Have a look at our sample plan.

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